How to Become a CNA in Connecticut (A Complete 2023 Guide)

How to Become a CNA in Connecticut

Want to become a CNA in Connecticut?

Then you have to work for it. 

Thankfully, the process isn’t as long or complicated as other nurse jobs. 

And the even better news is that we’re going to list all the requirements and steps for you — from start to finish. 

We’ll even answer some FAQs. 

So welcome to your complete guide on how to become a CNA in Connecticut!

The 5 Steps on How to Become a CNA in Connecticut 

To be a certified nursing assistant in Connecticut, you need to go through 5 steps. These are:

  1. Choose a state-approved program
  2. Meet the program prerequisites 
  3. Complete your CNA training
  4. Take the CNA Competency Exam
  5. Get your CNA certificate 

Let’s go over the steps in detail. 

Step #1: Choose a State-Approved Program

The first step to getting into any medical field job is to seek proper training and education. After all, you will be assisting a nurse for another person’s well-being. You will need the right skills and know-how to do that. 

But when choosing a training program, you can’t just go with any CNA program you come across. It needs to meet the requirements of the State of Connecticut:

  • The CNA program must have at least 100 hours of training.
  • The training program must be supervised by an experienced registered nurse (at least 2 years experience).
  • The CNA program must teach the basic theoretical components and clinical training in the 25 competency skills required in Connecticut.
  • The clinical training must be conducted in a licensed/certified Rest Home under Nursing Supervision or in a licensed/certified Chronic and Convalescent Nursing Home in Connecticut.
  • The CNA training must be developed by the Connecticut Department of Public Health and every program must cover the material in the curriculum. 

Step #2: Meet the Program Prerequisites 

Once you choose your state-approved CNA program, it’s time to meet the prerequisites. 

Now, these requirements will vary depending on the program provider. But you should expect to meet the following:

  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Be at least 16 years old 
  • Have proof of immunization and a PPD test for tuberculosis
  • Pass your program’s criminal background check
  • Pass the programs’ health screening requirements

NOTE: Some program providers may require you to apply for entrance before being able to enroll in their CNA training program. So make sure to check their website or get in contact with them.

Step #3: Complete Your CNA Training

Congratulations on getting into your chosen CNA program! 

Now it’s time to complete your CNA training. 

The state of Connecticut requires a minimum of 100 hours of training. 

For most programs, you will usually have to go through at least 54 hours of classroom instruction and at least 71 hours of clinical training. These 71 hours will be spent on the 25 essential competency skills.

Some of the topics that will be covered in your CNA training include:

  • Resident rights and independence.
  • Taking and recording your patient’s vital signs.
  • Proper ways to transfer, turn, or position a bed-ridden/wheelchair-bound patient.
  • Effective techniques in addressing the needs and behaviors of patients with Alzheimer’s and cognitive impairments.
  • Infection control. 
  • Emergency procedures. 
  • How to appropriately respond to patient behaviors.
  • Learning how to use and operate assistive devices for patient care.

What you will learn in CNA training won’t be in this particular order. Please make sure to read your training curriculum so you can better prepare for when you start. 

Step #4: Take the CNA Competency Exam

Already completed your CNA training?

Great job! 

The next step is to take and pass the CNA Competency Exam. This will evaluate whether or not you are ready to become a certified nursing assistant in the state. 

Don’t worry – if you studied and paid attention during your training, this exam won’t be too difficult. 

There are two parts to the Connecticut Nurse Aide Competency Exam.

  • Written or Oral Test – for the written or oral portion of the test, you will be asked to answer 60 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes. You need to get a score of at least 72% to pass. 
  • Clinical Skills Test – for the clinical skills portion, you will be asked to perform 5 nurse aide skills out of the 25 you learned during your training. You will need to pass all 5 skills to get a passing grade in this portion of the test. 

In Connecticut, the CNA Competency Exam is administered by Prometric

To register, follow these steps: 

  1. Apply for the CNA Competency Exam online or by mail. 
  1. If by mail, fill up the Connecticut Certified Nursing Assistant Examination Application
  1. Pay the exam fee through money order or certified check (payable to Prometric) OR fill up the credit card information in the application form.
    1. Written test and clinical skills test – $118
    2. Oral test and clinical skills test – $128
  1. Mail everything to Prometric.

From there, Prometric will review your application. If accepted, they will send you an admission letter through email with the time, date, and location of your CNA Competency Exam. 

During exam day, make sure to arrive 30 minutes early and wear flat, non-skid, closed-toe shoes, a watch with a second hand, and scrubs. Don’t forget to bring your admission letter and 2 forms of identification, too. 

Step #5: Get Your CNA Certificate

If you pass both parts of the CNA Competency Exam, Prometric will add your name to the Connecticut Nurse Aide Registry. 

You will also receive your official CNA certificate through the mail within 15 business days. 

Congrats! You did it!


As promised, we’re going to answer some frequently asked questions about CNAs in Connecticut. 

So let’s begin!

How many times can I retake the CNA licensure exam in Connecticut?

You can retake the Connecticut CNA Competency Exam as many times as needed within 24 months of completing your training program. That said, you will need to reschedule and pay a fee. 

Will I be able to receive financial aid when taking my CNA training program in Connecticut?

Some CNA program providers in the state offer financial aid. To find out, you will have to ask your chosen provider. 

If they accept, then you can apply for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The WIOA will take care of the training fees if you are eligible. 

What are the contents of the Connecticut CNA licensure exam?

If you are about to take the CNA licensure exam, expect to see the following in the coverage:

  • Basic nursing care provided by the CNA
  • Providing specialized care for residents with changes in health
  • Roles and responsibilities of a nurse aide
  • Infection control in patients
  • Communication skills


And that was how to become a CNA in Connecticut. 

It wasn’t so complicated, right?

However, you still need to put in the effort to go through all the requirements and steps. 

And when you do, you’ll soon be a certified nursing assistant in the state. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Now that you know everything, it’s time to get started. 

Good luck!

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