How to Become an LNA in Vermont – The Complete 4-Step Guide

How to Become an LNA in Vermont - The Complete 4-Step Guide

Are you looking to get started with a career as a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) in Vermont?

Are you confused about where to begin? 

Well, you’ve come to the right place! This article will guide you on how to become a LNA in Vermont. I’ve listed four easy steps, so let’s get right into them! 

How to Become a Registered LNA in Vermont in 4 Steps

Here’s a brief rundown of all the steps you’ll need to go through to get registered in Vermont:

Step #1: Meet all the Prerequisites

Step #2: Choose an LNA Training Course

Step #3: Take the Vermont State Exam

Step #4: Be listed on the VT Nurse Registry

Let’s take a closer look at each step down below. 

Step #1: Meet all the Prerequisites

Before getting started with any courses, you’ll first need to check if you meet the minimum LNA requirements in Vermont.

You are eligible to become an LNA in Vermont if you: 

  • are at least 18 years old
  • have High School Diploma / GED

Step #2: Choose an LNA Training Course

If you meet the minimum requirements, then you’ll be able to take an LNA training course through different institutions like universities, dedicated nursing schools, online, or even for free. Make sure that you enroll into a program approved by the Vermont Board of Nursing. 

Vermont has a mandatory course duration of 75 hours with a minimum of 16 hours for practical training. However most courses run longer than 75 hours. Depending on the institute you choose to go with, this running time may mean 4 to 12 weeks of education.

Course fees also depend on your chosen institution. For example, one LNA program under the Center for Technology, Essex costs about $1,350 with some additional fees for testing and the nursing board. 

However, if you’ve completed the fundamentals of nursing course as a part of previous education and spent 30 clinical hours with adult populations, then you’ll be exempt from taking an LNA training course before appearing in the State Exam.

Step #3: Take the Vermont State Exam

After successfully completing the Vermont LNA training course, you’ll be eligible to sit for the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP).

The exam consists of two portions. First, you’ll take a knowledge test with 70 multiple choice questions and a 75% minimum passing score. You will have two hours for this test, and you may take it in written or oral form in a group setting. 

The second test is a skills-based test with a 100% passing score. This test will be taken individually and administered by an RN. You must display competency in 5 randomly selected nursing skills within 20 minutes.

Skills you may be tested on include:

  • Use of Bedpan
  • Denture Care/Mouth Care
  • Proper recording of Blood Pressure and breathing 
  • Transfer to Bedside Commode

You have three chances to pass either portion of the test. If you fail thrice, you are required to retake and retrain in an approved nursing assistant training course. 

You can register and find locations for this test on Prometric. Follow this easy Vermont State guide for further instructions.

However, if you already have a CNA in another state you may be able to get an LNA in Vermont without having to take the State Test.Here you’ll need to be in good standing in your home state, and have at least 400 hours (50 days) of work as a nursing aide to be exempt.

Step #4: Be listed on the VT Nurse Registry

Finally, to confirm your acceptance as a registered LNA you’ll have to locate your name on the Vermont Board of Nursing Nursing Aide Registry. PearsonVue, Vermont’s LNA exam provider, will contact the Board and get your name listed. The list will be updated in about two weeks. 

Once you see your name, congratulations! You’re now a full-fledged LNA in Vermont.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an LNA in Vermont

How much does the LNA test cost in Vermont?

The LNA test costs around $130 for both portions the first time. If you need to repeat any portion you’ll have to pay $35 for each portion.

How much does an LNA make in Vermont per hour?

LNAs earn around an average of $38,708 a year in Vermont. However, the salary you’ll get as an LNA will vary on a variety of factors such as the amount of experience you have and the institute you work for.

How long will it take to complete an LNA training course in Vermont?

While Vermont requires a minimum of 75 hours, most courses require about 100 hours. Added to that is the time you’ll need to complete the exam and get your results. At a minimum, the whole process could take around 3 to 6 months.

How long does a Vermont LNA license last?

A Vermont LNA license lasts for 2 years before renewal is required. 

To get your license renewed, you must provide proof of 400 work hours in the 2 years before renewal. This proof must be approved by the licensed nurse you are working under. 

Is the CNA the same as an LNA in Vermont?

The Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) in Vermont is another name for the Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA). You will perform the same role as a nursing assistant. 

Do I need to complete a background test to become an LNA in Vermont?

No, at present Vermont does not require any mandatory background test when applying for the LNA exam.

However, the Board of Nursing will notify you of any new requirements.


So there you have it: a complete list of steps to gain your LNA in Vermont.

The LNA is the most basic of nurse courses, allowing you to become a nurse’s assistant in Vermont.

However, if you’re interested in other nurse career paths, you might want to check out this article going into all the possible options available.

Now, you may begin! 

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