How to Become an LPN in Utah – A Simple Guide

How to Become an LPN in Utah - A Simple Guide

Considering a career in nursing? 

Becoming an LPN is the shortest way to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. 

Unlike other nursing programs, you won’t need to complete a 4-year course. You can be a licensed practical nurse in just one year!

Not to mention, LPNs in Utah are in high demand. This means lots of career opportunities are waiting for you upon completing an LPN training program. 

Still unsure how to start?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ll give a simple guide on how to become an LPN in Utah. 

We’ll also answer important FAQs, such as:

  • How much do LPNs in Utah make?
  • How long do LPN programs take in Utah?
  • How do I renew my LPN License in Utah?

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

How to Become an LPN in Utah in 4 Steps

Follow these 4 simple steps to become an LPN in Utah:

Step #1: Graduate from a Board-Approved LPN Program

Step #2: Register and Take the NCLEX-PN Exam

Step #3: Apply for Your LPN License

Step #4: Land Your First LPN Job

Let’s discuss this in detail!

Step #1: Graduate from a Board-Approved LPN Program

To kickstart your LPN career, you need to graduate from a Board-approved LPN program in Utah. 

You can find approved programs in community colleges, vocational training facilities, and private institutions. 

It is crucial to graduate from an accredited program to be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN and become an LPN.

Every program has a different set of courses and activities, but all LPN programs in Utah are designed to help students prepare for their LPN careers. 

Here are the common courses that are covered in LPN programs:

  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Safety and Ethical Patient Care
  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology for Nursing

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for LPN programs may vary. Students should reach out to the admissions office of their chosen school to get more details. 

However, here are the common admission requirements in Utah:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 on prerequisite courses
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Proof of passing the ACT or TEAS exams

Step #2: Register and Take the NCLEX-PN Exam

Now that you’ve completed an accredited LPN program in Utah, your next big challenge is taking and passing the NCLEX-PN exam. 

What is NCLEX-PN?

The NCLEX-PN stands for National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses.

 It is a national exam that is designed to test aspiring LPNs on their nursing skills and knowledge after completing the practical nursing program. 

It will determine if they are eligible to start working as an LPN.

The exam focuses on these four main categories:

  • Psychosocial Integrity
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
  • Physiological Integrity

How to Register for the NCLEX-PN Exam

In Utah, you should pass the NCLEX first before you apply for a license. 

This is not like other states where the application for licensure and the registration for the NCLEX happen simultaneously. 

To register for the NCLEX exam, you should:

  • Register and pay $200.00 for your NCLEX through Pearson Vue.  
  • Submit a Request for Authorization to Test (ATT) from Utah’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL).
  • Submit official school transcripts to the DOPL.  
  • Wait for DOPL to make you eligible for the NCLEX. You will receive the ATT through email.
  • Schedule your examination.  
  • Take and pass your examination. 
  • If you fail your exam, you must repay with Pearson Vue and notify DOPL to make you eligible again.

Step #3: Apply for Your LPN License

You’re almost there!

If you took and passed the NCLEX-PN exam… Congratulations! You can proceed to the next step which is to apply for your LPN license from the DOPL. 

Apply for Your LPN License

To apply for your LPN license from the DOPL, you should:

  • Fill up the application form and pay the $90.00 application fee. 
  • Submit your fingerprints for the criminal background check. 
  • Wait for DOPL to process your application. 
  • You will see your license number on DOPL’s website the day after it’s active.  
  • You will receive a PDF copy of your license via email within 24 hours of its issuance.

Licensure by Endorsement

If you’re an active LPN from another state, you’re eligible to apply for licensure by endorsement in Utah. 

Unlike in other states, candidates won’t be required to provide transcripts. However, they should submit licensure verification from a current state. Other requirements include BCI and FBI background checks. If candidates can’t come to the DOPL office for fingerprints, they may use fingerprint cards or Form FD-258.

If the candidate is declaring Utah as the primary state of residency, he or she should provide an address in Utah to the Board within 30 days of arriving in the state.

International LPNs

LPNs working outside the U.S. who are applying for the examination should submit a credential evaluation report by the Foundation for International Services, Inc. 

If the credentials meet the standards of the Board, the candidate will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN.

If an international LPN has already taken the NCLEX and is licensed in another state, he/she must provide a credential evaluation from an accredited organization.

Step #4:  Land Your First LPN Job

Now that you have your Utah license, you can now apply for a job as an LPN!

LPNs work with patients in different settings under the supervision of a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, or doctor. 

The most common healthcare industries they work in are nursing care facilities, home healthcare services, and physician’s offices. They can also be found in hospitals, outpatient care centers, community centers, schools, correctional facilities, etc. 

There are a lot of possibilities! 

Common duties of LPNs include taking vital signs, wound care, emotional support, and providing immunizations. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming an LPN in Utah 

Now that we know the different steps to becoming an LPN, let’s answer some important questions.

How much do LPNs in Utah make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of LPNs in Utah is $50,740. 

However, salaries vary widely depending on certain factors including certifications, education, skills, experience, and which city you are in.

How long do LPN programs take in Utah?

The length of the program depends on the school and mode of enrollment. 

A traditional full-time LPN program takes one year to complete. While part-time LPN programs take about 18-24 months.

How do I renew my LPN License in Utah?

LPNs in Utah are required to renew their license before January 31 on even-numbered years (or every two years). 

Within two years, LPNs are required to complete one of the following continuing education options:

  • 400 hours of practice
  • 200 hours of practice including 15 contact hours of accredited continuing education
  • 30 contact hours of accredited continuing education
  • CEs should include one of the Utah-specified suicide training programs

Once renewal requirements are completed, LPNs must submit the license renewal form together with a non-refundable renewal fee of $58.


That’s it!

Some people think that becoming a nurse is a long and complicated process, but our comprehensive guide will help you get your LPN license in no time

We wish you all the best! And if you have any questions, leave us a comment! 

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