Nursing CE Requirements in Missouri (2023)

Nursing CE Requirements in Missouri

Is your Missouri nursing license expiring soon?

Are you not sure how to renew it?

Do you need to complete CE requirements?

We’re here to help.

To make it less hassle for you, we’re going to talk about the nursing CE requirements in Missouri, as well as the other requirements. This way, you’ll know exactly what you need to do. 

So let’s get started!

Missouri Nursing CE Requirements 

Below is a summary of the nursing CE requirements in Missouri.

CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)No CE required.

Must work for at least 1 day (or 8 hours) as a CNA within the past 2 years.
LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse)No CE required.
RN (Registered Nurse)No CE required.
APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse)Maintain your Missouri RN license or your multistate license.

Maintain national certification.

Now let’s look at the requirements for each nurse type in detail.

Missouri CNA Continuing Education Requirements

Continuing education is not mandatory for Certified Nursing Assistants in Missouri. 

However, CNAs must complete at least one day of paid nursing services within 24 months before recertification. 

Missouri LPN Continuing Education Requirements

Missouri does not require continuing education requirements for LPNs. 

However, while the state has relaxed requirements, it imposes strict guidance on renewal deadlines. 

LPN licenses expire on May 31st of every even-numbered year. Don’t worry, the board sends email reminders to licensees 3 months before their licenses expire. 

So make sure to send your renewal form and pay the fees before expiration. Renewal can be done either online or in person. 

Missouri RN Continuing Education Requirements

Like LPNs, RNs in Missouri also have relaxed renewal requirements. You only need to submit a renewal form and pay the fee. Plus, you can do this conveniently online through the Missouri Division of Professional Registration website. 

But again, the state is very strict with its deadlines. So you should submit these requirements before April 30 every odd-numbered year. 

Missouri APRN Continuing Education Requirements

An APRN in Missouri can be a nurse practitioner, anesthetist, midwife, or clinical nurse specialist.  

Missouri APRNs must hold an active RN license to keep practicing. Hence, you need to make sure that your RN license is renewed. 

On top of that, APRN license holders should also maintain national certification. 

APRNs need to recertify with their respective certification agency and submit proof to the board of nursing. Remember, certification agencies have different continuing competency requirements. 


Now, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions to give you an even better understanding. 

Can I renew my nursing license online in Missouri?

Yes! You can renew your Missouri license online through this link.

To proceed, you will need an online PIN and your license number. You can find these in the email sent to you by the board regarding your license renewal. 

If you renew your license online, you will pay a processing fee on top of the renewal fees. The processing fee is charged by a third-party vendor that processes online payments. It can range from $1.25 to up to 2.15% of your renewal fees.

If you prefer not to pay the processing fees, you can file for renewal by going to the board’s office or mailing your application to the below address:

P.O. Box 656 Jefferson City, MO 65102-0656

What happens if I fail to renew my Missouri nursing license before it expires?

When it comes to the deadline, Missouri is very strict. 

Nurses must renew their licenses at least 3 days before the expiration date. There is no grace period allowed in the state. 

So, if you miss the deadline, your license becomes lapsed, which will require a reinstatement application. 

To make sure you do not miss your renewal deadline, add and to your address book.

How long does it take to renew a nursing license in Missouri? 

The renewal process typically takes 3 to 4 business days upon receipt of your application. 

To receive updates on your renewal application, you can enroll in e-Notify.

Can I continue to practice my profession while I wait for my renewal application to be processed?

No, you may not. This is why the board encourages nurses to renew their licenses a few days before it expires. 

Remember, anyone, including your employer, can confirm the status of your license online via 

What is the difference between an inactive and a lapsed license?

Nurses with either an inactive or lapsed license cannot practice their profession or provide nursing services until after reinstatement. 

The difference between the two statuses, however, is that an inactive license has been voluntarily requested by the licensee. A lapsed license, on the other hand, is one that the licensee has not renewed, retired, or requested to be inactive before its expiration date.

Reinstating an inactive license does not incur any penalty, while a lapsed license costs an additional $50 on top of the renewal fee. 

You can request for an inactive license status using this link.

Should you have any more questions about renewing your nursing license in Missouri, you can reach out to the state’s board of nursing using the contact information below:

Missouri Board of Nursing

Address: 3605 Missouri Blvd., PO Box 656, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0656

Phone Number: 573-751-0681

Fax: 573-751-0075


So that is how to renew your nursing license in Missouri. 

Pretty simple, right?

I mean, you don’t need to take any continuing education courses. However, make sure that you submit your renewal form and pay the fees a few days before it expires. 

I mean, reinstating your license is another problem you don’t want to worry about. 

So check when your expiration deadline is. And if it’s soon, you should start thinking about renewing it. 

Good luck!

Last updated: March 30, 2023 (Requirements taken from Missouri BON website

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