Nursing CE Requirements in Oklahoma – Everything You Should Know

Nursing CE Requirements in Oklahoma - Everything You Should Know

Nurses are some of the busiest people these days. 

And, with all the work on your plate, it’s easy to forget your license renewal requirements. 

But we can’t have that, can we?

To help you out, we’ve put together a complete guide to nursing CE requirements in Oklahoma. These cover everything from continuing education to practicing hours for other alternative paths.

Regardless of what type of nursing license you carry, you’re sure to find the information you need here.

So are you ready? Let’s begin!

Oklahoma Nursing CE Requirements

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to pour over every single detail yet. We come with a quick reference guide that provides the essential information you need. 

When you have time, though, don’t forget to go through the details!

CNA(Certified Nurse Assistant)No CE Required! 

Must have worked as a nurse aid for at least 8 hours in the last 24 months
LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse)24 CE hours every 2 years OR

520 practice hours every 2 years OR

Have verifiable certification in a specialty OR

Complete a board-approved nurse refresher course OR

6 credit hours of coursework that aligns with your current licensure level or higher
RN(Registered Nurse)24 CE hours every 2 years OR

520 practice hours every 2 years OR

Have verifiable certification in a specialty OR

Complete a board-approved nurse refresher course OR

6 credit hours of coursework that aligns with the RN’s current licensure level or higher
APRN(Advanced Practical Registered Nurse)24 CE hours every 2 years  

If with prescriptive authority — 15 hours must be on pharmacotherapeutics 

Additional 2 contact hours on either:
Pain management OR opioid use or addiction 

At least 8 out of the 24 hours must be in advanced pharmacology related to administering anesthesia

Now, if you want to take a closer look, the following sections will give you more details. 

Oklahoma CNA Continuing Education Requirements

Certified Nurse Aides in Oklahoma don’t have CE requirements for their certification renewal. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t need to fulfill any prerequisites every 2 years.

Focus your efforts on ensuring you work as a nurse’s aide for at least 8 hours in the 24 months right before your renewal date. 

You also need to ensure you’re compensated for the work you’ve done. If it’s voluntary, it won’t count towards your renewal requirements.

The other thing you need to be mindful of is where you work. The Oklahoma Board of Nursing is clear about the approved facilities. These include the following:

  • A specialized facility
  • A nursing facility
  • Home health or home care agency
  • Assisted living center
  • Adult daycare center
  • The Nursing facility of the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Oklahoma correctional facility

Hours working in a private facility won’t count either.

Oklahoma LPN Continuing Education Requirements

All nurses in Oklahoma need to complete 24 hours of continuing education in preparation for their license renewal. It’s no different for Licensed Practical Nurses.

However, CE hours is only one of the ways to fulfill your requirement. If you don’t want to go in this direction, you can consider 4 other ways.

Option one requires completing 540 practice hours every 2 years. You must present proof of employment as an LPN.

Your second option is completing a board-approved nurse refresher course. You can check with the Board of Nursing to see where you can find acceptable programs.

Option 3 is having a nursing specialty. Showing proof of certification automatically fulfills your renewal requirements.

Lastly, you can choose to complete nursing coursework worth 6 credit hours. These must be in line with your current licensure level or even higher.

Oklahoma RN Continuing Education Requirements

Registered Nurses have the same renewal options as LPNs in Oklahoma. 

One way to fulfill your requirements is to earn 24 CE hours during the renewal cycle.

RNs also have multiple alternatives to continuing education. These include being certified in a nursing specialty area OR working as an RN for at least 520 hours in the last 24 months.

You can also complete a board-approved nurse refresher course or nursing coursework worth 6 credit hours. If you opt for the last one, you need to ensure it aligns with your current level of licensure.

Oklahoma APRN Continuing Education Requirements 

Like LPNs and RNs, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses must complete 24 hours of continuing education. But unlike other nurses, APRNs don’t have alternative methods of fulfilling renewal requirements.

Depending on your scope, you may have mandatory courses.

For example, if you have prescribing authority, you must have 15 hours of pharmacotherapeutics. These include subjects like using pharmacological agents to prevent illnesses and how these contribute to the restoration and maintenance of health.

Remember, these are not additional 15 hours. These count towards your 24-CE hour requirement.

That said, APRNs do have additional hours. You need 2 on either pain management or opioid use or addiction.

If you’re a CRNA, at least 8 of your 24 contact hours must be on advanced pharmacology. These must be related to administering anesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a CNA and an LTC in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma recognizes 6 types of nursing aides:

  • Long Term Care Aide (LTC)
  • Home Health Aide (HHA)
  • Developmentally Disabled Direct Care Aide (DDCA)
  • Adult Day Care Aide (ADC)
  • Residential Care Aide (RCA)
  • Medication Aide (CMA)

The main difference lies in the amount of education completed. LTCs, HHAs, DDCAs had 75 hours of study, while the rest had less. 

Compared to what most states recognize as Certified Nurse Aides, Long Term Care Aides have the closest classification.

How often do nurses have to renew their licenses in Oklahoma?

Nurses in Oklahoma renew their licenses biennially. 

Your license expires on the last day of the month you were born. It means if you were born on March 5, your license’s expiration date is March 31.

Lastly, LPNs and RNs renew their licenses in different years. Registered nurses renew in even-numbered years, while Licensed Practical Nurses renew in odd-numbered ones.

What are the Oklahoma Board of Nursing’s requirements for refresher courses for RNs and LPNs?

For a refresher course to be board-approved, it must meet the following:

  • A theoretical course that must be at the appropriate level (these include roles and responsibilities of an RN or an LPN in present healthcare settings, a review of fundamental patient care plus updates, and psychomotor skills)
  • 80 hours of didactic coursework, which include skills labs
  • 80 hours’ worth of clinical experience to ensure competency


Renewal requirements for nurses in Oklahoma vary depending on the type of license you carry. 

It can become confusing very quickly as there are several ways to go about it.

A clear understanding of what you need to fulfill ensures you focus your efforts on the right things. Fortunately, whether you’re an LPN, an RN, a CNA, or an APRN, you’ll find the necessary information in this article.

The Oklahoma Board of Nursing website is also an excellent source of information. 

Once you’re clear on what you need, it’s time to get the ball rolling towards your renewal.

Last updated: April 1, 2023 (Requirements taken from Oklahoma BON website)

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