Nursing CE Requirements in Wisconsin 2023 – Everything You Should Know

Nursing CE Requirements in Wisconsin Everything You Should Know

In other states, renewing your nursing license comes with a lot of CE hours and practice hours. 

If you’re from Wisconsin, though, your requirements are VERY limited. 


But what exactly are the nursing CE requirements in Wisconsin? 

Are there any?

What about practice hours?

In this 2023 guide on nursing CE requirements in Wisconsin, you’ll know everything you need to know to renew your license, whether youre a CNA, LPN, RN, or APRN. 

So let’s get started!

Wisconsin Nursing CE Requirements

No time? No worries!

You can find your nursing CE requirements in Wisconsin from the table below. 

CNA(Certified Nursing Assistant)No CE Required!

Work at least 8 practice hours every 24 months
LPN(Licensed Practical Nurse)No CE Requirement

Take the Nursing Workforce Survey.
RN(Registered Nurse)No CE Requirement 

Take the Nursing Workforce Survey.
APRN(Advanced Practical Registered Nurse)16 CE hours every 2 years
Must be on clinical pharmacology or therapeutics 2 hours must be on responsible prescribing of controlled substances

If you do have time and want to get into the details, keep on reading. 

The following sections provide you with more information.

Wisconsin CNA Continuing Education Requirements

Certified Nursing Assistants in Wisconsin need to renew their certification every 24 months. 

To qualify for renewal, you must have worked as a nursing assistant for at least 8 hours during the renewal cycle. 

Although there are no specifics regarding where you can or cannot work, remember that you must receive compensation for your service.

Volunteer hours do not count towards your renewal. Plus, a senior nurse — either an LPN or an RN — must supervise your work.

If you let the 2 years pass without renewing your certification, it will lapse. This means you can no longer work as a CNA.

You can have your certification reactivated (and thus, renewed) by retaking the certification exam. You must pass both portions to be eligible for reactivation.

Wisconsin LPN Continuing Education Requirements

The renewal requirements for LPNs in Wisconsin are unlike any other state. 

Licensed Practical Nurses currently do NOT have continuing education requirements. Neither do they need a specific number of practice hours. 

So how are LPNs eligible for renewal?

All they need to do is complete an online form, pay a renewal fee, submit a Report State of Primary Residency, and take the Nursing Workforce Survey. 

You can renew online or request a paper renewal form by calling (608) 266-2112.

Wisconsin RN Continuing Education Requirements

Great news!

RNs have it easy for nursing license renewal in Wisconsin, too. 

They only need to complete 2 simple steps:

  1. Complete an online or paper form for their renewal, submit a Report State of Primary Residency, and pay the required fee. 
  2. Take the Nursing Workforce Survey. You will get a link to the survey through email when you finish step 1. 

That’s it!

No more continuing education or practice hours to hassle the nurse.

Wisconsin APRN Continuing Education Requirements

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses are the only ones who have nursing CE requirements in Wisconsin. That is on top of filling out an online form, paying the fees, and maintaining national certification. 

Going back to the CE requirements, APRNs are required to complete 16 hours. The topics must be on clinical pharmacology or therapeutics related to your practice.

Of the 16 hours on pharmacology or therapeutics, 2 hours should focus on responsible prescribing of controlled substances. Remember, these are part of your 16 hours, not additional ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions? Then let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions about nursing renewal and nursing licenses in Wisconsin. 

How much is the nursing renewal fee in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, all nurses need to pay a fee when processing their renewal.

That said, there is no difference in the amount that LPNs, RNs, and APRNs pay. It’s $57 for each renewal.

Remember that fees are subject to change. It’s best to check with the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services by the time your next renewal comes around.

How often do I need to renew my nursing license in Wisconsin?

All nurses in Wisconsin need to undergo the renewal process every 2 years. However, the date your license expires varies with each nurse type.

For example, LPN licenses expire on April 30 of odd-numbered years. In comparison, RNs must complete the renewal process on or before February 28 or 29 of even-numbered years.

APRNs, who have CE requirements to fulfill, need to get everything done by September 30 of even-numbered years.

Can I renew my nursing license online in Wisconsin?

Yes! Nursing license renewal is made even simpler by being able to complete it online. 

Just go to the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services website, log in, pick your license type, and renew it.

As simple as that!

Is Wisconsin part of the Nurse Licensure Compact?

Yes. Wisconsin has been part of the NLC since 2000.

The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) allows nurses to provide in-person or telenursing services in all compact states. It brings several benefits to both healthcare facilities and patients.

Compact states have access to more nurses. It also allows for expanded telehealth coverage, which became a significant advantage during COVID-19. 

From a nurse’s perspective, practicing in multiple states becomes less complicated. You don’t have to worry about applying for another license. Compact states issue a multi-state license, saving you from several renewal fees and requirements.


So those were the nursing CE requirements in Wisconsin. 

If you’re an LPN or RN, you don’t need to worry about prerequisites. You simply need to apply for renewal, pay a fee, and take a survey. 

As for CNAs and APRNs, there are a few more things you need to consider. For CNAs, that is practice hours, while APRNs should focus on continuing education hours. 

However, compared to other states, it is still very limited. 

And, since you have all the information you need, we’re sure you’ll get through your renewal without any challenges.

Good luck!

Last updated: April 1, 2023 (Requirements taken from Wisconsin BON website)

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